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Ever wondered why there are cheaters in online games like PUBG? That’s because it is easy! They just use the memory editing scripts to edit their game client’s run-time memory, and can thus take advantage in the game against their opponents.

Unlimited health? Unlimited ammo? No problem, easy.

DISCLAIMER : This video isn’t made to encourage anyone to cheat in online games. The intention of this video is only to let people know how cheaters can take advantage by using memory editing programs.

And if you want to watch specifically about how hackers cheat in PUBG mobile, you can watch this video that I made earlier :

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  1. To all those people saying that the values of online games are saved on server, yes it’s true. But the values should also be available with the game client so that it can render information (like rendering an enemy nearby, footstep sounds, moving vehicles, etc). Using memory scanners we can retrieve these values and do various stuff that can be used to take advantage in the game.

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  6. I know about cheat engine. It work well for offline games and even for online games before few years. Now it is not working for online games. It can't trace values anymore in online games even I have tried it by various data types like double, float, 4 bytes etc.


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